The Parliment is the law making body for the League of Christian Nations as a whole. Capable of passing international law, each nation receives one vote and all vote must have a 51% majority to pass.


As the United States dissolved late in the 2000's(decade), several Christian nations came together to for the LCN. To pass the Treaty of Galveston, which is the LCN charter, needed to be passed by an international law body, so the Parliment was born. Today, bills of all subjects go through from abortion bills to bills limiting who we may build embassies with..

Considered BillsEdit

Below is a list of all legislation to go through the Parliament.

Treaty of Galveston(passed) Christian Law Articles(passed) LCN Defense of the Unborn(failed) Military Conduct(failed) Should we seek Friendship with Islamic Regions(failed) On Public Nudity(failed)