The LCN holds Jew, and Christain ideas very close to our hearts. We would fight every day to up hold the truth that God has taught us. Wether on a bill in the World Assemlby, our making a embassy, with another nation. We make laws, and make votes by reading and taking thought form the laws and morals of these faiths. Taking the correct ideals and morals to create new leislation. Every day people may learn about God, or learn about his laws through the work we do online. Hopefully this site can have a bigger outreach to people that do not know about God, or want to learn more about conservitave ideals. Through this site , we will work, teach, and reach people. While also doing the political jobs of our nation.  God laws is forever and through our human ways, we will try and up hold it online. Althought it is a internet world, we can reach people, and have a impact. May Godd bless you, and May you ejoy this site.