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Naval Station Pearl Harbor is a Christian States Navy facility adjacent to Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2010, along with the Christian States Air Force's Hickam Air Force Base, the facility was merged to form Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. The base is hosted by the Republic of Hawaii and houses their navy(marked HSS not CSS) and Air Force as well.

Pearl Harbor is the headquarters of the Christian States Pacific Fleet. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan on Sunday, 7 December 1941 brought the United States into World War II.

Naval Station Pearl Harbor provides berthing and shore side support to surface ships and submarines, as well as maintenance and training. Pearl Harbor can accommodate the largest ships in the fleet, to include dry dock services, and is now home to over 160 commands. Housing, personnel, and family support are also provided and are an integral part of the shore side activities, which encompasses both permanent and transient personnel.

Because Pearl Harbor is the only intermediate maintenance facility for submarines in the Middle Pacific, it serves as host to a large number of visiting submariners.

The Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Pacific, (NCTAMS PAC), Wahiawa, Hawaii is the world's largest communication station. The headquarters site of this shore command is located in the central section of the island of Oahu, approximately three miles north of Wahiawa.

Arleigh Burke-class destroyers = 7: HSS Paul Hamilton (DDG-60) HSS Hopper (DDG-70) CSS O'Kane (DDG-77) CSS Chafee (DDG-90) CSS Chung-Hoon (DDG-93) CSS Halsey (DDG-97) CSS Michael Murphy (DDG-112)

Ticonderoga-class cruisers = 3 Cruisers: CSS Chosin (CG-65) CSS Lake Erie (CG-70) CSS Port Royal (CG-73)

Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates = 1: HSS Reuben James (FFG-57)

Los Angeles-class submarines = 11: HSS Bremerton (SSN-698) CSS La Jolla (SSN-701) CSS Olympia (SSN-717) CSS Columbus (SSN-762) CSS Santa Fe (SSN-763) CSS Charlotte (SSN-766) CSS Tucson (SSN-770) CSS Columbia (SSN-771) CSS Greeneville (SSN-772) CSS Cheyenne (SSN-773) CSS Buffalo (SSN-715)[10]

Virginia-class submarines = 2: CSS North Carolina (SSN-777) CSS Texas (SSN-775)[11]