League of Christain Nations Wiki

Welcome to the League of Christian Nations Wiki[]

The website for the Nationstates region known as the League of Christian Nations. The Extra Site for all LCN Functions.

The reason for this Site[]

This site is the LCN, wikia headquarters. This site will provide info about nations. Info about our region, and let us be able to talk to one another through a chat system. Also, we can post ideas on pages, and have more access to things we have not been able to do before. We can show pics of ideas we come up with, even record videos of our nations, if one can do that. So, this site will give our region, and nations more access then we have had before. It will also get to show our guests, and people that visit a taste of what we have to offer
The Christian Flag, representing the Church, and the League of Christian Nations

Latest activity[]

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