In NationStates, we work hard to make our region a place people can get help, and be a out reach. This is a list of some of our embassies already made.

Embassies: The Unified Christians Alliance, OPEC, Ireland, The Vatican City, Coalition of Catholic States, Soli Deo gloria, Minecraftia, United Governments of South East Asia, Christian, Disciples of Christ United, The Ascendancy, United Catholic Nations, The Gotthard Empire, The Misty Realm, Israel, Asia, CSSR, Right to Life, The Theocratic Federation of Nations, Romania, Antifa, Apartheid South Africa, England, Brasil, Eurasian Economic Community, The Republic of Belarus, Vatican II, Hotel Quebec, Greece, Latter Day Saints, The Vintagionian Empire, India, France, Children of Abraham, Harlem, International Commonwealth Of Nations, Ionia, Saint Margaret Mary, Continental Navy, Conservative Christians NS, Order of the Temple, Allied Nations against the Black Hawks, Gods Holy Empire, Moderate Christians, The Territories of Christ, Darwin Allied Republics, Dagon, Extreme Religion, The Northern Hemisphere, The Middle East, Emperio de Castilla y Aragon, The League of United Nations, Distributism, New World United, Diplomatica, The Imperial Stronghold, World Alliance, Republic of Seychelles, Central Eastern Europe, Association of the Countries of the Free, Holy Orthodox Confederation, The United Nations of Christians, The United League, NIGHTINGALE, Asiana, ASEAN, Sunalaya, Freedom and Justice Alliance, The United Kingdom Alliance, Christianity, Hail The Trinity, Pokemon World, The Krusty Krab, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Callington, The League of Just Nations, New Suffolk, Kingtonian Commonwealth, United North America, Hellenic Civilization, North Africa, Laissez Faireholm, Buddhist Brotherhood, Eastern Roman Empire, We remember September 11 2001, The Kingdom of Denmark, Azeliate, New Federation of England, United Alliances, Christian Nations, Spectrasonic, Constantinople, The Joint Nations of Republica, New Republica, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, RORMS, Revolutionary Nation of Freedom, The National Alliance, Conservatopia, Serenity Falls, Christians United, Benevolent Capitalism, and New Coalition of Nations.

If we get any more people they will be added to the list.