The Ark Project is the nation of Chemung's program for developing new colonies in space. A new installment in the Ark Project is launched once the population of one of Chemung's colonies proceeds pass an interval of a billion citizens. Ark sends an entire city to a celestial body, where the citizens of the city will work to build the colony to a point of being self-sufficient. The mission is not considered successful untill the new Colony reaches the point of self-sufficiency. So far there has been one successful Ark Mission and another is to be launched soon.

Succesful ProjectsEdit


Ark-1 was the first successful Ark mission, as well as the first successful form of human habitation in outerspace among the LCN. It started Chemung Lunar Colony on the Moon after being launched from Chemung.


Ark-2 is to be launched when Chemung Lunar Colony reaches a population of a Billion citizens and will start a colony on Mars.